Advanced technology designed to enhance & improve color contrast & vibrancy, for people with Red-Green Color Blindness.

Did you know:

1 in every 12 men (8%) & 1 in every 200 women (0.5%)
in the world are color blind.

Who Needs Color Blind Glasses?

Color vision deficiency can be broadly categorized into two types:

  • Blue Yellow Color Blindness: A less common type of Color Blindness wherein you might have trouble recognizing & differentiating between shades of green & blue.
  • Red Green Color Blindness: A hereditary condition, and the most common form of Color Blindness. It limits the functions of red or green photoreceptors/cones present in the eye.

    If you have red-green color blindness, it’ll be hard for you to set apart the shades of red & green

    Color Blind Glasses* are suitable for people who fall under this category. *Works for 80% of the people with Red-Green Color Blindness.

Things to Take Care:

  • Allow plenty of wearing time every day to adapt to Color Blind Glasses.
  • It might take over 2 weeks to completely adjust with your eyewear.
  • Specifically designed for people with Red-Green Color Blindness only.
  • Effectiveness of the Color Blind Lenses is subject to degree of deficiency.
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